Know about the Styles of Essay Writing

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Essay writing can be narrative, descriptive or persuasive. As we all know that Academic essays as it can be written easily in a different type of styles. They are very capable of showing the effects and cause of focus or event on contrasting and comparing various subjects. There are many writers who are using process analysis essays for the purpose of instructing every reader on going through the completion of various tasks. You should note that the various styles of writing are always vital for the writers. It helps them in writing informative and useful essays easily without any problem. In this article you would come to know about the styles of essay writing.


The effect and cause of writing essays is one of the best forms. In this type of effect and cause mostly writers go for discussing the relationship of the factors which shows the event started and event’s results. You should understand that those are mainly focus on the effect and cause of an event would be written in chronological order. It would be started with the action and would consist of the changes happened during the event. You can contact for any type of assistance from them. They provide the best writing services to their customers and mostly students.

Contrast/ Compare

In this type, the writer mainly focuses on two or more items. The writer mainly writes to compare two or more things, events, and person and clearly discuss about many of their similarities and differences. If you are planning to write a good contrast and compare essays, then you should select only those topics which have some differences and similarities. With the help of this type of essays, the readers can be informed about any paper topics and it also help them in making any decision easily without having doubt. Compare always focus on comparing the two items so that readers can come to the conclusion easily. They compare the things in such a way that it would be easy to judge which one is good and which one is not.


As the name suggests, Definition essay shows a straightforward and clear definition of the particular subject. These types of essays are very simple to understand and readers easily understand their meanings.  Every writertakes the help of multiple and descriptions examples in this type to present the paper’s subject clearly. It is completely different from the other style of writing.


In this type, writer shows the real pictures of their subjects. The well written descriptive essays make a good impression on the readers with a mental image or overall feeling regarding the topic of papers. You should keep in mind that in this type, every writer would present the topic details which would be appeal to five senses- hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch.


Narrative essay is another different style of essay writing. It tells you a story about any event. This includes clear details which show the real picture of an event. The readers wouldn’t get any confusion by reading the Narrative. Writers in narrative essays present the story in a realistic way so that readers can feel the experience of it.


The main objective of persuasive essay is to move readers towards only one particular side of decision or argument. In this persuasive, writers would clearly mention their all opinions and would support them fully with statistics and facts. It would cover all the necessary information so that readers wouldn’t get any problem while judging it for sure. It considers showing view points and their shortfalls to the readers. It would be energetic and enthusiastic.

Process Analysis

This type of essay is like a how to guide. It helps the writers in discussing the vital steps required for performing any actions. If you are a reader, then you must clearly obey the steps in a process analysis essay to end the task given at any point of time.

So, finally you are aware of all the styles of essay writing. In future, if you are planning to write any of them, then you would come to know about the types of styles for sure. For any help you need regarding this, you can visit the online sites relating to it. These sites have different type of essay structureinformation and would help you surely in resolving your any relating concern.


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