Is the Aviator Back in Vogue?

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Is the Aviator Back in Vogue?
24 Apr

The aviator style of eyewear has long been a popular choice for both the fashion world and the high street alike, but in recent years it has fallen somewhat out of favour among celebrities and the fashion elite.

Instead, the rise of the ‘hipster’ style has seen people moving more towards chunky, oversized frames more reminiscent of the wayfarer style – ironically both styles intrinsically linked to the iconic Ray Ban glasses. Usually these frames are made of acetate rather than metal, and are most commonly seen in black, grey or tortoiseshell.

But with so many people adopting this style of frames, the trend appears to be switching back towards the aviator style, with more and more celebrities beginning to appear at high profile events sporting dark framed, metal rimmed aviators. As with anything that becomes widely popular, in order to stand out from the crowd the fashionistas of the world must move away from what everyone else is wearing, and re-embrace an older style.

Many notable eyewear boutiques in London, New York and Paris have commented on the increasing demand for gold and silver rimmed aviators, with dark lenses and an oversized look. Although Ray Ban remain the most commonly associated brand when it comes to the aviator look, consumers are opting more for luxury brands such as Tom Ford and Gucci, both of whom make beautiful, lightweight aviator frames.

So expect to see a resurgence in aviators this summer, particularly in Hollywood and on the faces of the fashion-conscious in Paris, Milan and London. It would seem that the chunky, plastic frames we’ve been so familiar with in recent years could finally be in decline – welcome news for anyone who’s a little tired of the growth in the hipster look and the boom in ‘geek chic’.

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