Blomdahl USA Beautiful Earrings and Earring Backs

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Blomdahl USA earrings are both beautiful and unique. They come in many styles such as studs or hanging earrings. Blomdahl USA earrings can have gems in them, floral designs, pendants, and much more options even for those with the pickiest taste. The materials they use are unique and wonderfully thought of. They have different stones such as sapphires, pearls, gold, and more. They even have hypoallergenic options for those who love to decorate their ears but have allergies to common metals. Blomdahl USA uses the best materials, has the best options, and understands the need for not only proper piercing care but proper piercing care for those with allergies.

Blomdahl USA earrings can be found in many styles such as hanging, hoops, studs, crystal balls, gold, titanium, and even plastic. Titanium has been found to be the safest metal for earrings and Blomdahl USA offers silver, gold, and black titanium earrings with the option of alexandrite, bezel crystal, black diamond, and more gemstone options. These gemstones can be intertwined with the titanium to produce a radiant design such as a flower or the gem circled by the titanium. A nice hanging earring made of silver titanium with halo crystals circling a black diamond is just one example of the many unique designs Blomdahl USA has to offer.

With such beautiful earrings, it would be a shame to lose the backs of them. Much like their earrings, Blomdahl USA has only the best options for extra earring backs. You can find these earring backs here: Blomdahl USA does not make these earring backs, but these earring backs offer the same variety of care options. For your dangling earrings, they offer the hypoallergenic plastic backs that fit the earring snug so that it doesn’t fall off. They don’t only offer hypoallergenic plastic backs for hoops, they offer secure plastic hypoallergenic backs for their stud earrings, also. For those who can wear metals without an issue, Blomdahl USA sells both regular stud backs and heavy duty earring backers in the safest earring metal: titanium! Whatever back you may need for your earrings, it can be found through Blomdahl USA’s website.

Because ear care doesn’t stop at the proper materials for your personal needs, Blomdahl USA also offers ear care swabs for when you’re out and about or just don’t have access to running water at the moment. These handy wipes come 24 wipes in one pack and eliminate bacteria from your ear piercings or from your earrings.

When it comes to earrings, Blomdahl USA is a one stop shop. They’re attentive to skin allergies, they have gold, silver, or black as options for the safest metal to use for earrings, they have brilliant and beautiful designs in not only studs but hoops, dangling earrings, crystal balls, and many more. Not only do they offer care in the form of quality, but they offer wipes and the most secure and conducive backs for all earring types. There’s still hope for those who want piercings but have metal allergies, and Blomdahl USA shows us that.

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